Learn Why Field Day Is for You

at the RRRA June Meeting

Join Kent for a presentation about the most popular operating event held annually in the US and Canada, and to find out how you can—and why you should—be a part of the excitement.

Getting On the Air for the June VHF Contest

In this episode of ARRL’s monthly On The Air podcast: “With this year’s ARRL June VHF Contest fast approaching on the weekend of June 10, seasoned VHF operator Bob Witte, K0NR, joins the podcast to talk about how to prepare yourself and your station to join in the fun of this beginner-friendly event.”1

Does your phone use one of these common PINs?

A recent Pocket-lint blog post reported about the 20 most common mobile phone passcodes (AKA “PINs”) used by mobile phone users revealed in 2019 by a cybersecurity expert. This blog post also lists the most common four-digit and six-digit PINs as determined in 2020 by a German-American team of IT security researchers.

Users of one of these insecure PINs are encourged to read the “How to change your mobile phone PIN” section of the Pocket-lint blog post to learn how to change their PIN.

Police Picnic Volunteers Needed

Red River Radio Amateurs has a proud tradition of raising awareness about our hobby through various public service events and outeach activities—such as the Fargo Police Picnic—in the Fargo/Moorhead area.

But, due to a lack of volunteer support, RRRAES will NOT be able to staff and present the club communication trailer at the 2023 Fargo Police Picnic unless (at least) one more club member steps forward to help.

Please contact before My 20th if you care about the future of our hobby and are willing to help out.

Have You Conducted Your RF Exposure Evaluation?

May 3, 2023, was the end of the transition period for the new FCC rules governing RF exposure which eliminated previous station evaluation exemptions.

Licensees have enjoyed a 2 year grace period during which they could have performed these evaluations and made any needed adjustments to their stations.

RF exposure evaluation of ALL Amateur Radio stations—and compliance reassessment subsequent to station modifications which could affect exposure—is now mandatory.