The Thrill of the Chase: Radio Orienteering

In this episode of ARRL’s monthly On The Air podcast: “Radio orienteering (aka Amateur Radio Direction Finding, or ARDF) is a radio sport like no other. It gets you out of your shack chair and bounding through the woods or a park, using a handheld receiver and directional antenna to find a transmitter that’s located somewhere in the vicinity. People of all ages and skill levels can have fun with radio orienteering – and you don’t even need a ham radio license to join in. In this episode, we talk to USA ARDF Co-coordinator Charles Scharlau, NZØI, about how get involved in what he calls, “the only athletic radio sport.””1

How can we improve the RRRA member experience?

The question what makes your ham club amazing? was asked on the Amateur Radio subreddit by /u/ScaredGorilla902 and generated a significant level of participation.

The replies to this question are full of examples of how other clubs provide good member experiences.

Which ones will RRRA adopt going forward?

Who is willing to do more than endlessly discuss the state of affairs at meetings and actually organize events and activities?