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How can we improve the RRRA member experience?

The question what makes your ham club amazing? was asked on the Amateur Radio subreddit by /u/ScaredGorilla902 and generated a significant level of participation.

The replies to this question are full of examples of how other clubs provide good member experiences.

Which ones will RRRA adopt going forward?

Who is willing to do more than endlessly discuss the state of affairs at meetings and actually organize events and activities?

What Leadership Position Will You Fill in 2023

Officers and a board of directors are essential to the operation of the Red River Radio Amateurs and our club owes a debt of gratitude to those who have stepped forward to fill these leadership positions.

But, for the health of our organization, we can not continue to depend upon the same few individuals in perpetuity. It is, therefore, well past time for new officers and board members to step forward from within our membership.

As specified in Article III of the RRRA Bylaws, a leadership election will be conducted during the February Meeting.

ARRL Section Emergency Coordinator Needed for the Dakota Section

The ARRL North Dakota Section Manager is looking for someone interested in assuming the position of Section Emergency Coordinator (SEC).

Mark, NY0W, the current North Dakota Section Emergency Coordinator, would like to step down from that responsibity.

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