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RRRA Field Day Site Infrastructure Manager Needed

RRRA needs an Infrastructure Manager—or Management Team—for the club’s 2021 Field Day Site June 26–27 at the Cass County Highway Department in West Fargo.

The Field Site Infrastructure Manager is responsible for:

  • Signing for and securing the keys to the Field Day site gates and bathrooms
  • Getting the 6000 pound RRRA communications trailer towed to to the Field Day site and assisting with set-up. The trailer has a tongue weight of 600 pounds and requires an appropriately equipped tow vehicle

This year’s Site Infrastructure Manager(s) should contact as soon as possible so that he can arrange for access to the keys and so that he has time to prepare the trailer for deployment.

RRRA will not be able to operate a 2021 Field Day Site if no one is willing to undertake these responsibilities.

The 2020 - 2021 Isolation Net Is Ending May 28th

The last day of the 2020–2021 Isolation Net will be Friday, March 28th.

I’d like to thank each and every one of the participants of the Isolation Net for checking in during these last 14 plus months.