Content (e.g. blog posts, information pages, and files/links) about the activities of the RRRA Technical Committee and the equipment/systems they maintain, along with technical topics of general interest.

Radio Systems in the Red River Valley

W0ILO Repeaters A linked Analog FM repeater system servicing Fargo-Moorhead and the surrounding area. Operated and maintained by RRRA, these repeaters identify with W0ILO (the club callsign): Location Frequency Tone Moorhead, MN 145.350 MHz - 123 Hz Moorhead, MN 444.875 MHz + 123 Hz Grandin, ND 146.760 MHz - 123 Hz Other Radio Systems Red River Valley Repeaters and Nodes Retired Radio Systems SuperLINK SuperLINK was an Amateur Radio repeater linking system connecting together 2 meter repeaters located along Interstate 94 from the Western Border of North Dakota, through Minnesota, and into Wisconsin.

Red River Valley Repeaters And Nodes

Analog ASL D-STAR DMR YSF Location ID & Mode Frequency Notes Detroit Lakes, MN W0EMZAnalog 147.195 + Detroit Lakes ARC Fargo, ND K0RQMMDVM 443.400 + D-STAR, DMR, YSF Info | Dashboard Fargo, ND W0RRWAnalog 146.970 - Ernie Anderson Memorial Station Fargo, ND KC0LOKNXDN 442.375 + RAN 41 Analog T123 Fargo, ND K0EEDAnalog 145.490 - T82.5 IRLP #4549 Fargo, ND KD0SWQD-STAR 444.000 + NDSU Fargo, ND KK0TTASL 446.200 Simplex Node #41083 Fargo, ND W0HSCYSF 147.
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