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An Inexpensive Introduction To 10GHz Microwave

Amateur Radio Operators in the United States have access to a large amount of microwave spectrum:

  • 1.24–1.3 GHz
  • 2.3–2.31 GHz
  • 3.3–3.5 GHz
  • 5.65–5.925 GHz
  • 10.0–10.5 GHz
  • 24.0–24.25 GHz
  • 47.0–47.2 GHz
  • 76.0–81.0 GHz
  • 122.25–123.0 GHz
  • 134–141 GHz
  • 241–250 GHz
  • All above 275.0 GHz [ 1 ]

This spectrum is available to all Hams, Technician class and up, and is a great place to contribute to the advancement of the radio art through experimentation and homebrewing. It also needs to be used or it will be given away.