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White House announces reallocation of 3.45-3.55 GHz Band for 5G

“The White House and US Department of Defense (DOD) have revealed that the 3.45-3.55 GHz band will be made available for 5G, a move that has been welcomed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.” 1 This reallocation is a 25% loss of 9cm band spectrum to our hobby.

Callsign Lookup With APRS

APRS users can lookup the license type and general location or address associated with an Amateur Radio Callsign by sending a that callsign to WHO-IS (or WHO-15 for “clients and IGates that do not support non-AX.25 SSIDs.” 1)

Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands (QST)

In his Bicycle Mobile on the HF Bands article (a free preview from the August 2020 issue of QST Magazine), Christian Bravo, W4ALF, discusses “an easy way to implement a mobile radio system, for the operator on two wheels.” 1

After experimenting with pedestrian mobile and being active with Summits on the Air (SOTA), I was looking for a new amateur radio challenge. My experiences with portable ham gear led me to the idea of adapting my mobile setup to fit on my bicycle. The two-wheel setup would allow me to be even more mobile, and still be able to communicate on the HF bands. 1

Aredn Version Released

On March 27, 2020, the AREDN Project announced the general availability of the latest stable version of AREDN firmware: V3.20.3.0

This release includes official support for the GL.iNet AR150 router used by many of our members. While there’s no longer a need to use a nightly development release for this router, as of March 28th this release has not been tested locally.

V3.20.3.0 includes

  • 27 New Features
  • 16 Bug Fixes
  • Support for 16 New Devices

AREDN users are encouraged to visit the AREDN Release Notes v3.20.3.0 page for important information about

  • Changes to the Supported Platform Matrix (both status changes for deprecated devices and the addition of new devices)
  • Added Features
  • Bug Fixes
  • A link to a list of Known Issues
  • Key Workarounds for this release
  • Instructions for Upgrading Firmware Images

Please review the images built table for the target and name of the image to use before downloading a firmware update.