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Portable Mesh Node With VOIP and Wifi

Purchasing an AREDN compatible radio and antenna is only the first step in assembling a useful, deployable, personal node.

Additional parts and equipment to support planned network capabilities—including provisions for portable power—must be purchased and then packaged in a manner which allows for safe and reliable operation.

Trevor Paskett (K7FPV), a member of the AREDN project, has designed a a portable mesh node to support his local mesh network’s mission while meeting served agency policy restrictions which prohibit permanent installation of equipment in their buildings.

Start the New Year with a new antenna

Building a new antenna is a great way to start the new year. The folding J-pole antenna project by RRRA member , and featured in the March 2005 issue of QST magazine, is a new twist on an old design. It is an excellent cold weather project for improving your Go-Kit or enhancing portable operations.