License Testing Dates

Select your license test session on this page for more information and to learn how to sign up. Please contact our Testing Coordinator if no test sessions are listed or you would like to arrange one on a specific date.


License test prerequisites

What happens after your test

Electronically verified passing tests are are typically processed by the FCC within 2 business days. The processing time for manually scored tests is longer; typically seven to fourteen business days.

The FCC will send first time licensees an e-mail message containing application fee payment instructions. This fee must be paid within ten days or your license application will be dismissed.

You will receive receive an electronic copy of your license (PDF format) via e-mail after your payment is processed. Please allow 24 hours for the FCC to process your payment.

Use the FCC Universal Licensing System search page to check the status of your license grant. You may search by name or by FRN (FCC Registration Number). Hams upgrading their license may also search by call-sign.

You cannot transmit until your your license grant is published in the FCC Universal Licensing System.

Add these dates to your device

Find the instructions below for your calendaring software. Then use this webcal / iCalendar link as directed:


Apple iCalendar

Click the webcal / iCalendar link shown above and this calendar will be added to iCalendar on all devices associated with your Apple ID.

Follow the instructions in the How to Subscribe to Calendars on Mac How-To Geek blog post if the webcal subscription link does not work on your Apple device.

Google Calendar

Follow the instructions in the Use webcal url to add a calendar to google calendar VisiHow blog post.

Android users must first add the RRRA calendar to their desktop Google calendar then synchronize their mobile device calendar before this calendar will be available for selection on their mobile device.

Outlook Calendar

Follow the instructions for the Outlook Client or Outlook Online in the How to Add an iCalendar Link to Your Outlook Calendar How-To Geek blog post.