RRRA Course Supplement

Supplementary information for students taking RRRA Amateur Radio Licensing Classes

Prepare For Your License Test

Practice Tests And Study Tools

On-line practice tests and study tools (e.g. flash cards) can help you review and reinforce material covered in class. The best flash card sites track your correct answers and allow you to concentrate on your areas of weakness. Practice tests also provide a gauge of your mastery of the subject matter.

Some of these sites require registration, which can allow you to track your progress across visits. Sites which charge a fee for use are marked with $

Other sites may be found using your favorite search engine.

Smartphone Apps

Study at your convenience with a smartphone app. You may find a test preparation app by searching for “ham radio prep”, “ham radio test”, or “ham radio exam” in the

There are many free and non-free ham radio related apps to choose from.

Buy A Radio

Amateur Radio Stores

Private Sales

In Person

Other Shopping Sites

Use Your Radio

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