NCS Assignments - NK0A


Jan 20
Mar 31
UHF/VHF Net 13
Aug 25
UHF/VHF Net 34
Nov 17
UHF/VHF Net 46


Feb 18
May 6
UHF/VHF Net 18
Jul 29
UHF/VHF Net 30
Oct 21
UHF/VHF Net 42


Mar 5
UHF VHF Net 10
May 28
UHF VHF Net 22
Aug 27
UHF VHF Net 35
Nov 12
UHF VHF Net 46


Mar 6
UHF/VHF Net 10
Jun 5
UHF/VHF Net 23
Sep 4
UHF/VHF Net 36
Dec 4
UHF/VHF Net 49

Add these dates to your device

Find the instructions below for your calendaring software. Then use this webcal / iCalendar link as directed:


Apple iCalendar

Click the webcal / iCalendar link shown above and this calendar will be added to iCalendar on all devices associated with your Apple ID.

Follow the instructions in the How to Subscribe to Calendars on Mac How-To Geek blog post if the webcal subscription link does not work on your Apple device.

Google Calendar

Follow the instructions in the Use webcal url to add a calendar to google calendar VisiHow blog post.

Android users must first add the RRRA calendar to their desktop Google calendar then synchronize their mobile device calendar before this calendar will be available for selection on their mobile device.

Outlook Calendar

Follow the instructions for the Outlook Client or Outlook Online in the How to Add an iCalendar Link to Your Outlook Calendar How-To Geek blog post.