RRRA Sunday VHF Net Preamble

Good evening! This is (call) opening the Red River Radio Amateurs Sunday Night VHF/UHF Net. My name is (first name), and I will be your net control operator this evening.

This net meets every Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. local time on the W0ILO linked repeater system. It is intended for the passing of traffic and in general for the betterment of amateur radio. This is a public service net affiliated with the Amateur Radio Emergency Service, the ARES Division of the American Radio Relay League.

This net will be conducted in two parts: a formal portion to handle traffic and an informal portion for general comments. This is a directed net, so please address all queries and comments to the Net Control Station.

When checking in, please state your call and your name, and indicate if you have any traffic or announcements.

Is there any emergency or priority traffic at this time? If so, please call (call).

After handling any such traffic:

Are there any mobile stations? If so, please check in now …

Are there any stations on “short time”? If so, please check in now …

Are there any stations operating simplex or portable? Is so, please check in now …

We begin our regular roll call with stations …

To provide some variation, it is suggested that the net control station start with A on even dates and with Z on odd dates.

A - Alpha through D - Delta

E - Echo through H - Hotel

I - India through L - Lima

M - Mike through P - Papa

Q - Quebec through T - Tango

U - Uniform through X - X-ray

Y - Yankee through Z - Zulu

Late check ins, please call now …

After handling all traffic, announcements, and arranging for any requested informals:

This concludes the formal portion of the net. I now open the net for comments …

At the net control’s option, either go down the list of check ins asking each for a comment or do a roll call of stations who wish to comment.

After giving all stations a chance to make a comment:

This concludes the (today’s date) session of (year). Tonight we had (number) announcements and (number) check ins. I’d like to thank each of you for checking in this evening. We look forward to hearing you on our next Red River Radio Amateurs’ Sunday Night VHF Net.

We now return this frequency to normal use. This is (call), your Net Control Station, now clear.

  • Please replace the marked items within parentheses with the appropriate information.

July 17, 2008; N0DJJ (SK); retrieved from archive.org on 8-Dec-2015