Red River Valley Nets

Day & TimeIDFrequencyContact
Daily 08:30ND Weather & Road Info3.859 MHz LSBKG0YL
Daily 18:30ND Traffic3.860 MHz LSBKG0YL
Mon - Sat (various)Piconet3.925 MHz LSBK0CN
Monday 19:30MNWIS Fusion442.500 MHz C4FM/FMW0JPJ
Monday 20:00Flatlanders 2M SSB144.270 MHz USBW0CZ
Saturday 20:00DARC Fusion442.500 Mhz C4FM/FMW0JPJ
Sunday 20:30SPRC Fusion442.500 MHz C4FM/FMW0JPJ
Sunday 21:00RRRA Sunday VHF/UHFW0ILO RepeatersKD0TGA

Times shown are Red River Valley local. Please contact the Webmaster Team with additions or corrections for this list.