First Hamfest Planning Meeting

The first planning meeting for the the 2016 ARRL Dakota Division Convention and RRRA Hamfest will be held on Sunday, 24 Jul 2016 at 15:00 CDT. This is the largest Hamfest in North Dakota drawing attendees from 3 states and 1 Canadian province.

Committee members are needed to plan and run this major fund raising activity for our club. Lots of volunteers will make the work easy for everyone; so all RRRA members who are interested in helping with the 2016 Hamfest are encouraged to attend.

2016 Field Day Survey Results

An on-line survey about Field Day participation was conducted during the two week period prior to the July 19th RRRA business meeting.

This survey was announced on the Club Announcements and Club Discussions mailing lists.

There was a 22% response rate (15 out of 68 members) to the survey. Here are the results: