Minnesota Hands Free Law Now in Effect

Everyone driving in the State of Minnesota is reminded amendments to Minnesota Statutes 2018, sections 169.011, subdivision 94; 169.475 USE OF A WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE, enacted by HF50, took effect August 1, 2019.

These amended statutes are popularly known as the Minnesota Hands Free Law.

Drivers are encouraged to review the amended statutes and familiarize themselves with definitions, prohibition on use, penalty, and exceptions in 169.475 USE OF WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS DEVICE and the Amateur Radio exception in Subd. 94. Wireless communications device.

Amateur Radio Operators engaged in mobile operation in the State of Minnesota should consider carrying two documents which may be useful in the event they are stopped for potentially violating the Minnesota Hands Free Law.

Hamfest Volunteers Needed

The RRRA Hamfest Committee is in need of volunteers to help run the 2019 RRRA Hamfest and ARRL Dakota Division Convention.

Many hands do make light work. And every contribution is important regardless of how large it is. So please give some thought to how you can help out.