Volunteers Needed for the 2019 FM Rotary Ride

Radio Operators are needed to support the FM Rotary Ride 2019 on Saturday, September 7, 2019. Please contact if you would like to volunteer for this Public Service event.

This event is an excellent introduction for Hams who have not previously participated in Public Service Communications.

W9NT (SK) Shack Auction to Benefit RRRA

Gurnee Bridgman, W9NT, became a Silent Key April 17, 2019 (obituary) and generously remembered RRRA in his will.

A silent auction to liquidate W9NT station equipment willed to RRRA will be held immediately following the club’s July business meeting 16 July, 2019, at the West Fargo City Hall building, 800 4th Ave East, West Fargo, ND. The proceeds of this silent auction will benefit RRRA.

Gurnee was an active ham and kept his station—for the most part—up to date with modern equipment. The equipment offered for auction is presentable, clean, and was in use up until Gurnee became a Silent Key; however no warranty is implied or offered.