White House announces reallocation of 3.45-3.55 GHz Band for 5G

“The White House and US Department of Defense (DOD) have revealed that the 3.45-3.55 GHz band will be made available for 5G, a move that has been welcomed by FCC Chairman Ajit Pai.” 1 This reallocation is a 25% loss of 9cm band spectrum to our hobby.

Cass & Clay County Notification System changing on September 1, 2020

On Wednesday, August 5, 2020, the Red River Regional Dispatch Center notified current CodeRED subscribers about an important upcoming change to the emergency notification system for Cass County, North Dakota, and Clay County, Minnesota:

Callsign Lookup With APRS

APRS users can lookup the license type and general location or address associated with an Amateur Radio Callsign by sending a that callsign to WHO-IS (or WHO-15 for “clients and IGates that do not support non-AX.25 SSIDs.” 1)