Operating Amateur Satellites

In this episode of ARRL’s monthly On The Air podcast: “Even if you’re accessing a repeater, the range of your VHF/UHF handheld can be a bit constraining. You’ll probably never achieve coverage of, say, the entire US Eastern Seaboard or the Continental Divide in the lower 48. But with a couple of handhelds and the right Yagi antenna, you can access satellites in low Earth orbit that will provide you with a much wider footprint than just about any repeater.”1

Provide Disaster Communications as a SATERN Volunteer

You can provide The Salvation Army with auxiliary & emergency radio communications—along with technical support—during disasters and special events as an Emergency Disaster Services SATERN volunteer.

Members volunteer under the direction of a Salvation Army staff member or a staff appointed volunteer leader with experience. Members are required to be current on all of The Salvation Army training requirements.