November 2015 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 1900 Meeting called to order by Seth
  • Introductions: 41 people present
  • Approve the minutes of previous meeting


  • Approve order of agenda
  • Regular agenda

Monthly reports

Secretary’s Report

  • Moved Jody K. KC0HIG
  • Seconded Barb H. K0BAH
  • Accepted unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

  • Moved Jody K. K0CIG
  • Seconded Don G. KC0DC
  • Accepted unanimously

Librarian’s Report

  • Nothing new to report

Standing Committee Reports

RRRA ARES/Cass County EM report

  • Reported by Don G.
  • Home land security course has been rescheduled for January 29 and 30, 2016
  • Need to take NEW photos for new id badges.
  • Jump kits are ready 7 total
  • FM ambulance meetings are going well
    1. Trailer from FM ambulance has been renovated with antenna.
    2. Hospitals need to go through preparedness exercises on April 6, 2016 Tentative.

RRRFFAES/Clay County EM Report

  • Reported by Bob G.
  • Addressed Senate bill 1685
    1. ask Amy Klobuchar to support
    2. Senate subcommittee needs to pass this bill onto the full senate


  • Reported by Bob
  • Sanford has been contacted but no response
  • Repeaters are working as before


  • Reported by Bob
  • General class done
  • Some here to take the test
  • Extra class will start after Christmas break and test will be in March
  • W0HNV will be a special 1010
  • Spring tech class will be April

Volunteer Examiners

  • Reported by Mike H
  • Testing will happen tonight


  • Reported by Gabe T.
  • We are a 501c3 again
  • Gabe T. is stepping down as the webmaster
  • Club controlled password
  • Hosting is controlled by the club
  • Steve K. will take over
  • Club is in control of everything so that if the webmaster disappears the club will still be able to take care of it.

Old Business

  • Christmas party December 1, at 1730
    • Everybody come
    • Bring non-perishable food item
    • Perhaps even socks.
  • RRRA Logo
    • We have 5 options now
    • If you have more send in to Seth before Friday November 19.
  • DHS AUXCOMM Class registration is at
    • Limited to 30
    • If full then there will be room to observe.
  • Update on moving W0ILO The update is above in Bob’s remarks
  • Jingle Bell Run 5 December, 2015
  • Insurance understanding is in the works for the nametags.
  • Alzheimer’s walk
  • Jake will be the new net control manager
  • Dale will keep W0RRW W0RRW update
  • Mike H. has a few pieces of equipment still

New business

  • Need someone who will take the elections committee position to find more people to run.

Motion to adjourn 1945

  • Moved Don KC0DCF
  • Seconded by Richard AD0LO
  • Passed Unanimously