January 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Call meeting to order by Seth at 7:03
  • Introductions


Secretary’s Report

  • Move to accept Jody KC0HIG
  • Seconded Don KC0DCF

Treasurer’s Report

  • Move to accept KC0HIG
  • Seconded KC0DCF

Standing Committee Reports

RRRA Emergency Services (ARES)

  • Don, Mark, Seth
  • Details on posting our jump kits at a few locations around town
  • Working with the emergency network to get us involved with the network
  • FM Ambulance is establishing a radio shack at the 25th Ave location
  • FM Ambulance wants us to work with them on the April 6th practice emergency
  • Ted Koppel - Lights Out
  • More pictures for emergency

Cass EM

  • see above

Clay EM

  • Bob
  • ARRL national convention in Orlando on Feb 9-11 and 12 starts Hamcation (second to Dayton in attendance)
  • Feb 6 QSO party 8-6 Minnesota
  • Feb 21 and 22 bike tour K0EMS
  • August Ojibwe rally need for
  • Barnsville boyscouts would like a HAM come and demonstrate
  • Check your email with Bob to make sure that you wish to be included and have
  • ARRL proposing a change to 80 meters so that there is a shift back to what it was back a dozen years ago. They also want to add in techs on the 80 meter data bands


  • Bob
  • Difficulties in getting the Sanford contact situated. Need help making sure that
  • Volunteer Examiners (Mike) Testing tonight about 6 staying. About 2 taking the upgrade
  • Hamfest potential contract in November cost had changed from $800 to $900 and two $100 meeting rooms
    1. Motion by Juliet KE0BXQ that Bob W0HNV pursue a multi-year contract with the Red River Valley Fair-grounds. Seconded by Don KC0DCF
    2. Passed Unanimously


  • Lori



  • Bob

Web Site

  • Steve
  • Website is up. Mailing lists are fairly bulletproof. Each person can manage their own accounts. Monthly, we will receive a reminder of the interface and more. For more information contact Steve at K0STK@arrl.net
  • Archives are open to the public
  • Static website generator. It adjusts to the type of device used. Phone or computer. Our site is public, transparent and available to use by someone else if necessary
  • Send any facts that you want added to the site and Steve will add it

Old Business

  • October Guests (Les & Tom) The visitor KC0MKS put our club on the front page of the northern Minnesota club. Ken is the Division Director
  • Any other old business?
  • Election committee Juliet will need be the person to find
  • Jingle bell run December 3, 2016. We had fun, and many people appreciate our participation
  • If you have anything that needs publicity, contact Gurnee. Wants to get more TV presence

New Business

  • Winter Field Day-Not sure? It is on April 6[th]
  • Kent ARRL News-Cabin Fever reliever Feb 13[th] in St. Cloud and Feb 27 in Bismarck
  • Two members (former and present) of the Club are now directors in the ARRL
  • ARRL Chief Operating Officer is changing. New group is really working hard to get stuff passed
  • Covenant Law will probably pass the House, but the bill is stuck in the political lull
  • Jody-Ham of the year is Lance Lee
  • N0DJJ was in the QST as a silent key
  • Boy scouts will do an emergency preparedness Saturday May 14. Need volunteers to help. Going to have a simulated Tornado. Taking volunteers next month.
  • ARRL article/letter site has a nice right up on the Shanley Club
  • Any other new business?

Good of the Order

Close of the Meeting

  • Motion by Les W0LAH
  • Seconded by Jim N0TSZ
  • Adjourn at 8:26