February 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Call meeting to order Called to order by Tim Cruff at 1904.
  • Introductions – -31 members present


Secretary’s Report

  • Accept minutes Moved by WOLAH and seconded by N0TSZ
  • Passed unanimously

Treasurer’s Report

  • Accept minutes Moved by N0TSZ and seconded by NK0A
  • Passed unanimously

Standing Committee Reports

RRRA Emergency Services (ARES) & Cass EM

  • Don, Mark, Seth
  • Aux Comm Great information on other items than ham radio. Mark relayed his story of listening to the scanner program he downloaded. He listened the officer shooting live
    1. Radio Reference Fargo Morehead streamed live. Try http://www.broadcastify.com/listen/ctid/1995
  • SkyWARN Training March 29, 1830 at the Annex building
  • April 6 activation of emergency practice of hospitals and FM Ambulance. We need 5-10 people need to be in place time 0400-0800

Clay EM

  • Bob
  • MS Tram in July.


  • Bob
  • Sanford is still waiting for progress
  • Hamfest committee is starting to gather. Need about 20 people. Once a month meetings for the Hamfest will occur in early afternoon at Mom’s Kitchen. Contact Bob W0HNV
  • The RRVF is amenable to a 3-year contract and Bob will work on getting a price set in the contract
    1. Motion by N0TSZ to spend $1600 ($1100 for rental of the Red River Fair Grounds and 2 extra rooms and $500 for Cleaning Deposit
    2. Second by KE0BXQ
    3. Passed unanimously

Volunteer Examiners

  • Mike
  • Next month test during the meeting


  • Lori
  • The Aux Comm book has been added to the library



  • Bob
  • Extra Class education is going on swimmingly
  • The technician class will start April 6

Web Site

  • Steve
  • Site is still up. It is working well

Old Business

  • Vote for New Officers Results
    1. President - Seth Swenson
    2. Vice-President - Mark Jensen
    3. Secretary - Brian Geffre
    4. Treasurer - Lori Kruft
    5. Member at Large - Mark Johnson
  • Any other old business?

New Business

  • Any new business?

Good of the Order

  • Emergency plans for North Dakota contacts made by W0LAH. The state is interested in our set up and want us to move to Bismarck
  • The picnic for Fargo PD will be June 24 and Island Park
  • Photos 2/15/16 for emergency badges
  • Contact Jim or Mark with a list of your jump gear so we have an accurate list of capabilities in the area. This list will be internal use only. JKruft@cableone.net MarkJensen@med.und.edu
  • Bob Gilbertson KA0Q presented about EMPs after the meeting.
  • Thank you Tim Cruff for your 2 years of service as President. You have done well.

Close of the Meeting

  • WA0LIA moved
  • KE0BXQ seconded
  • Passed at 1944