July 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:00 Meeting called to order (Seth calls to order at 1907)
  • Introduction of members

Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • KC0HIG moved
  • KC0DCF seconded
  • Passed

Treasurer’s report

  • KC0HIG moved
  • KA0LDG seconded
  • Passed

Librarian’s report

  • Nothing to report

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G./Mark J.
  • Check the web for the report


  • Bob G.
  • Correction July 19th meeting in the notes instead of June 19th
  • Future this Thursday and Friday the MS Tram is happening. Still looking for help. MS Scram is a site to sign up for Hams
  • Ogibwe Forest Rally race is coming up on August 26-27


  • Bob K.
  • 146.76 dead. The power supply blew a fuse. Bob has fixed it. May need a new repeater if the machine is in bad shape. Antenna could be replaced with a Yagi to support skywarn between Grand Forks and Fargo


  • Bob K.
  • Tech class on August 3rd in West Fargo Library. Registration link is on the web page. Walk ins welcome. Done in time to test for hamfest


  • Mike H./Bob K.
  • Hamfest is next testing session


  • Steve K.
  • Reports are at cloud.rrra.org. This is a direct link which may or may not take you directly to the cloud reports


  • Bob K.
  • Sign up sheet for help, committee, both
  • Concession stand organizer KD0ZID Lisa Doneldson has taken on another job so had to retire. We thank her highly for her great service. KE0BFW Vicki Heiler will take over the position
  • September 24this coming up fast. Donations are being
  • W0NNV moved to allocate $300 cash for ham fest door prizes
    • KA0ZLG Seconded
    • Passed with no contention
  • First committee meeting July 24th 1500 at Mom’s Diner

Old Business

  • Field Days
    • Discussion of possible locations for next year’s field day. If you have ideas for permanent locations, please contact Seth KC0ODE
    • KE0OPE John brought t-shirts and hats for distribution to anyone who wants

New Business

  • Night to Unite on August 2nd 1600-close in West Fargo
    • KC0HIG Moved $25 for candy for children age (2-102)
    • W0HNV seconded
    • Passed without contention
  • Any other new business
    • No other new business


  • None given tonight

Good of the Order

  • Support for the Amateur Radio Parody Act is still necessary. The bill has been delayed and your continued letters to Congress will help the members to move it through before the lame duck session.
  • Moment of silence observed for silent key W0ZQJ, Dr. Covey