Reading Monthly Committee Reports

The on-line Monthly Reports for RRRA Committees should be available in the Committee Reports folder on the RRRA ownCloud server.

Follow these steps to view the on-line reports:

  1. Visit the RRRA ownCloud server by either entering its address ( in your browser’s location bar, or by clicking the cloud (<span class=“genericon genericon-cloud”)> ) social media icon below the RRRA logo in the upper left corner of any page on our web-site

  2. Enter your ownCloud username and password in the dialog box in the center of the ownCloud log-in page then click the right arrow ( ) at the end of the password line, or press your Enter key, to log-in

      If you have forgotten your ownCloud password you may attempt to reset it by clicking the Wrong password. Reset it? message which will appear under the username/password box following a failed log-in attempt.

      This reset capability is only available if you have entered a valid e-mail address in your ownCloud personal information page

  3. Click the Committee Reports folder name on the ownCloud home-page to “open” the folder. Inside it you’ll see a sub-folder for each committee; click on a committee folder name to open that folder

  4. Click on the name of the report you wish to read. If you’re unable to view a report in your browser, or just wish to download it, click the ellipsis ( ) to the right of the report name and select Download from the pop-up menu

Please contact the Webmaster Team if you need any assistance viewing the on-line reports (e.g. never received username/password, can’t reset password, nothing works, etc.)