August 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:00 Meeting called to order 19:06
  • Introductions of members–27 members present
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • K0RQ moved
  • K0CRF seconded
  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s report

  • KC0DCF moved
  • N0TSZ seconded
  • Motion passed

Librarian’s report

  • Nothing to report

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G./Mark J.
  • SET day on October 1-3 for an hour or so to highlight our capabilities first practice and then for the Emergency response teams on Monday


  • Bob G.
  • Badges here and double check your information with the club
  • Ojibway rally coming up. Go to Rally website to sign up. Check with Bob G. for more information on contacts


  • Bob K.
  • Grandin repeater is working as a standalone repeater. It hears the Moorhead but cannot return back to the Moorhead. Talk to Bob for more information
  • The repeater is very old. 200 pounds and high in the air
  • Bob will put together a price for replacement
  • Directional antenna is also a possibility
  • Discussion about VHF/UHF commercial repeater availability. There are some possibilities. If you know of any repeaters that are being taken out of service


  • Bob K.
  • Read about the NET in article September QST p. 71. View online
  • Stop the bleeding class next month
  • Technicians class
  • Ken is out for a month, so Bob is looking for help 7-9 Wednesdays


  • Bob K.
  • Need more help. Only have 12 people signed up so far. We need at least 20 with some that need to be available after the event to clean-up. We need ticket sales table and table-sales table
  • Kitchen donations are appreciated. Contact Vicki KE0BFW with help and donations
  • Need VE help. We want help to arrive by 9:45
  • Seminars
    • Fusion repeaters
    • Safety on grounding
    • Skywarn
    • ARRL League


  • Bob K. / Mike H.
  • See above. Sept 24 at hamfest


  • Steve K.
  • See the stats on the cloud
  • Silent keys listing

Old Business

  • Nite to Unite
    • Jim K. / Lori K
    • Follow-up Great event
  • Grandin Repeater
    • Bob K.
    • Follow-up See above

New Business

  • Stop the Bleeding
    • Mark J.
    • Information Mark has information
  • Ad Hoc field day
    • need input
  • FM Rotary Bike Ride
    • Needs 9-10 people altogether
    • Contacted by public radio about
  • Will have Gurney and Ken on the air on 91.9 Friday August 19 between 3 and 4
  • Mike this weekend August 20-21 North American QSO party contesting. Check out the QST magazine lists every contest
  • Al we will not be doing the Alzheimer’s walk


  • Broadband Hamnet

Good of the Order


  • N0TSZ moved
  • W0HNV seconded
  • Motion passed