September 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:00 Meeting called to order 7:01
  • Crop Walk Oct 2nd at 1:30. Certificates handed out to members that helped last year. If you are interested in helping, Contact Dave N0WQZ
  • Introductions of members 26 members present
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s Report

  • Amended to fix spelling error of Kent’s name (sorry Kent)
  • Moved to accept Jim N0TSZ
  • Lance WA0LIA Seconded
  • Motion passes

Treasurer’s Report

  • Ken W0CZ moves to accept
  • Pete WC0G seconded
  • Motion passes

Librarian’s Report

  • Nothing to report

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G./Mark J.
  • Oct 2 and 3, Tim Cruff will run net control for the SET from 1300-1400 both days


  • Bob G.
  • Ojibwa rally went well. Eli attended


  • Bob K.
  • Later in the minutes


  • Bob K.
  • About 12 students finished last Wednesday, September 14
  • General class will start September 28


  • Bob K.
  • Concession donations still wanted
  • Donated bags for Young Ladies (YL) need more items. No political or religious items please. The purses are for the YL only drawing
  • Helpers will gather 12 noon at Deaner’s Diner (the old TNT Diner in West Fargo) on Friday September 23


  • Bob K./Mike H.
  • VE’s Gather at 1000 then at 1200 the doors will close to new testers
  • The test will close at 1400
  • Price is $15.00


  • Steve K.

Old Business

  • Grandin Repeater
    • Bob K.
    • Information/Action Research by Bob VX 7000 is still available
    • John Vic has offered to provide a new repeater for the location
    • Ken has offered a 30 amp power supply for the Grandin repeater
    • Thank you to both Hams for service to the club
  • Motion to accept John Vic’s by Ken W0CZ
    • Seconded by Jim N0TSZ
    • Carries unanimously
    • Amended to include extensive testing of the new equipment on W0HNV’s bench
    • Amendment carries unanimously
  • Motion to offer John Vic 2 free tables and 2 free entrances for John at the ham fest for 5 years
    • Moved by Jim N0TSZ
    • Seconded by Kent KA0LDG
    • Carries unanimously
  • Scouts appreciate the help the Hams offered
    • Certificates passed out
    • Scouts want to have our help again every 3 years
  • Field day
    • Ken KK0V has found a place for us to have field day every year
    • West Fargo fair grounds have offered a place along the south side of Main Street in the west part of West Fargo
    • The site is acceptable, presentable, and repeatable so looks like a really good location
  • Amateur Radio Parity Act
    • Has passed the House, but needs to pass the Senate
    • Keep the pressure up through letter writing

New Business

  • Directional antenna for Grandin repeater
    • We are still looking into the putting up a directional beam to Grand Forks for the NOAA Weather contact
    • Discussion was intense
    • The price 3 element welded Yagi $995, for a DB224d $675.00
    • Antennae will be range from $675 to $1000 plus shipping
    • More research is needed
  • Motion to transfer $1000.00 to the dedicated fund
    • Ken Moves W0CZ
    • Jake K0RQ seconded
  • Motion to table action on the use of the funds until next month after the more nformation is available
    • Motion withdrawn
  • Presentation Next month
    • Evert Patterson will present Buddy Care
    • How to care or someone in major trauma

Good of the Order


  • Jim N0TSZ moves
  • Mike KA0ZLG seconds