October 2016 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:17 Meeting called to order (secretary was late)
  • Moment of silence for Gene Wicklund—W0ZOK
    • Club sen[t] card with a donation to the Boy Scout troop 274 in his honor
  • Introductions of members
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s Report

  • Motion to accept by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by N0TSZ
  • Passed unanimously with one amendment

Treasurer’s Report

  • Motion to accept by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by KC0HIG
  • Passed unanimously

Librarian’s Report

  • Nothing new

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G./Mark J.
  • Some notes on SET exercises, etc.


  • Bob G.
  • Not much going on


  • Bob K.
  • Grandin repeater is checking out. Performed perfectly
  • Data port is not running yet, will turn down the power level if neede
  • Volunteers to install the repeater will meet tonight after the meeting
  • Will be a solid repeater that will outlive the programmer (so says Bob W0HNV)
  • We will use the same antennas. The Grand Forks club has a directional antenna that will work


  • Bob K.
  • General class started. 5-7 showing up
  • VE testing next month
  • Extra class will start in January 2017


  • Bob K.
  • Attendance was down below 300. However table sales were up
  • Went well. Appreciate all the help. Thank you to all
  • Lots of great comments


  • Bob K./Mike H.


  • Steve K.
  • Stats are on line on the Cloud

Old Business

  • Hamfest Follow-up—Information
  • Grandin Repeater—Information/Action
  • SET—Information

New Business

  • Christmas party at Pizza Ranch on 45[th] in Fargo on December 7[th] starting at 5pm. Wednesday
    • Food Donation for the Dorothy Day House, bring food and donations to the Christmas Party
  • TV for the trailer. Walmart has a 32 inch $125
    • Motion to spend $200 to purchase TV and bracketing by KC0HIG
    • Seconded by KA0LDG
    • Passed unanimously
  • Motion to dispose of old repeaters through any means necessary by W0HNV
    • Seconded by K0CRF
    • Motion passes

Discovery Event

Stop the Bleeding-Evert Paterson Captain in the Fargo Fire Department. Certified trainer in Stop the Bleeding.

The new focus is an old idea, the tourniquet has gone through studies and has been shown to control bleeding without loss of limbs. The stats on deaths from uncontrolled bleeding is staggering. Most deaths from uncontrolled bleeding occur before the patient reaches the hospital. The course is a 2 hours long and has been adopted by the military, government agencies, and other agencies as the best practice. Mr. Paterson stressed the need to have people take this class. It is offered on a per need basis. Cost for training is minimal, but it covers trainer’s time, certificates, etc.

Good of the Order


  • Motion to adjourn by N0TSZ
  • Seconded by K0CRF
  • Passes at 20:20