Sunday Night NCS Operators Needed For 2017

Net Control Station (NCS) Operators are needed for the 2017 Sunday Night VHF/UHF nets.

NCS operators call the net to order at its designated start time, periodically call for participants to join, listen for check-ins, keep track of the roster of stations for that particular net session, and generally orchestrate the operation of the net.

A Net Preamble (or script) is provided to aid NCSes in operating their nets.

Serving as an NCS is a great way to overcome mic-fright, prepare for Public Service Communication events or deployments, and hone your skills as a radio operator.

Our Net Coordinator, , will be putting the 2017 NCS roster together during December 2016.

Please contact if you have any questions or to volunteer as an NCS for the 2017 season.