January 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:00 Meeting called to order
  • Introductions of members 42 total members and guests
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • N0TSZ moved
  • KC0HIG seconded
  • Passed

Treasurer’s report

  • KC0HIG moved
  • KC0DCF seconded
  • Passed

Librarian’s report

  • nothing to report

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G/Mark J
  • November and December quite
  • Reprograming the jump kits
  • Missing 2 jump kits
    • Jump kit #5 and 6 are supposed to be in West Fargo but are missing
    • Jump kit #1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 are accounted for
  • FM Ambulance is looking to us as the back up communication if there is an extreme problem
  • KC0DCF moved seconded that the club pay the Weather Tap fee to be reimbursed by the county
    • KC0HIG seconded
    • Passed unanimously
    • $149.47 allocated


  • Bob G
  • Hamnet-Telecom information is an interesting for the county so that communication can be very helpful in emergency. Would like to set up a hamnet for the marathon. Adam Braaten is going to set up a couple of nodes to give it a try and then pass along any information necessary
  • MS Tram ride July 19-23 going to be in Fergus Falls for 2 nights this year. Set up will be at the state hospital grounds. MS-Tram.com Large ride with 700 riders brought in $800,000 into the state. Event URL


  • Bob K
  • Grandin repeater is working but needs tweaking


  • Bob K
  • 3 serious attendees for Extra class, second week


  • Bob K
  • Payment for rent and deposit paid


  • KA0ZLG passing the VE testing to WC0G


  • Steve K
  • Contact Steve if you are not getting any of the information or not able get on the file sharing
  • Gurny is still wanting information that the news media would like to know so that he can get an article in the paper or on the TV

Old Business

  • Christmas Party follow
    • December 7th packed group
    • Big box of food donated to Dorothy Day house and money of $45
  • KC0ODE recieved the Ham Of The Year award
  • W9NT received the life time achievement award from the RRRA. Got his call sign in Chicago from his dad’s call sign who got it in 1922 in its original issuance as 9NT
  • W0JPJ received the tube
  • Jingle Bell run in the first weekend in December this year was great, and

New Business

  • New Meeting Location
    • We are not allowed to use the annex space for meeting space
    • We are looking into more suggestions on space available.
    • Feb 6 KC0ODE will be appearing before the county commission to ask
  • K0RQ will write up the ballot

Discovery Event

  • None tonight with the VE testing

Good of the Order

  • Grand Forks newsletter here to read
  • FM Ambulance sent us a Christmas card
  • And there is an article in the FM Dorthothy Day House of hospitality newsletter about Dr. Ken Covey who was instrumental in establishing the House
  • Bob Nordum donated a 2m to the club along with a number of SWAG from NOAA
  • HR Bill 555, the new version of the parity act is now in
  • Broadcastify.com or hamoperator.com go to room MNWIS room 21493 live feed on the internet of the digital signal
  • Martin Erickson W0JFC sent silent last week


  • Jim