February 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:01 Meeting called to order
  • Introductions of over 25 members
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • KC0HIG moved
  • KC0DCF seconded
  • Passed

Treasurer’s report

  • KC0HIG moved
  • KC0DCF seconded
  • Passed

Librarian’s report

  • Motion to dispose of old magazines in any way the Librarian sees fit
    • W9NT moved
    • W0CZ seconded
    • Passed

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G/Mark J
  • Jump kits 5 and 6 are still missing. Not in the places where they are expected
  • Meshnet is a go for the marathon
    • FM ambulance will purchase a node an AREDN (AmateurRadio Emergency Digital Network). There will be 3 backbone nodes through out the FM area. Purchase of the materials will be done through FM ambulance, tax free, which ham operators are able join into. The personal wireless nodes are between $42 to $500
    • The three nodes will have three investors. $2000 by FM ambulance, $2000 the Marathon, and the final one the group asked the club to contribute. We would invest $2000 for the third node
    • This issue was tabled. There will likely be a special meeting in only a few days after specifications are available


  • Bob G
  • No report


  • Bob K
  • The Grandin repeater has been turned off. It has been causing interference with the ILO repeater in Moorhead. The Grandin repeater has been acting very well as a stand alone repeater. Grand Forks has been able to access the repeater easily. Bob is getting a new exciter and will be working on the repeater as he gets the parts


  • Bob K
  • Extra Class will have 4 people working on the test. The tech class will start soon after the extra class ends


  • Bob K
  • Request for convention status by ARRL. Trying to get national type speaker for the 2017. Start meeting in a couple of months


  • Pete
  • Test next meeting


  • Steve K
  • Thank you Tiny and Don for the information on the Skywarn meetings
  • Bylaws are on the site for your reading pleasure
  • Photos should be uploaded to a picture site like Flicker, then we can embed the link to the pictures. This saves us a bunch of space on the server since the pictures are saved in a different place

Old Business

2017 Club Election

  • Motion to approve KC0ODE as the 2017 President
    • W0CZ moved
    • KC0HIG seconded
  • Motion to approve KK0V as the 2017 Vice President
    • W0CZ moved
    • KC0HIG seconded
  • Motion to approve KE0BXS as the 2017 Secretary
    • W0CZ moved
    • KC0HIG seconded
  • Motion to approve KC0GQE as the 2017 Treasurer
    • W0CZ moved
    • KC0HIG seconded
  • Motion to approve KC0HIG as the 2017 Trustee 2
    • W0CZ moved
    • KC0DCF seconded
  • All approved unanimously. Thank you

New Meeting Location

  • 800 4th Ave East Suite 1 West Fargo
  • Thank you to the city of West Fargo for the offering

New Business

Fargo Marathon

  • No new information

Moving Plans

  • Some point check the email blast to help with moving

Good of the Order


  • 8:25
  • KC0HIG moved
  • KC0DCF seconded
  • Approved unanimously