March 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

  • 19:00 Meeting called to order
  • Introductions of members
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to accept by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by W0HNV
  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by KA0LDG
  • Motion passed

Librarian’s report

  • Thank you to N0TSZ, W0HNV, WA0LIA, W0CZ, WC0G, AI0Q for helping to move the library to the new home

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports




  • Bob K
  • Grandin repeater will be up and working again on a nice day so the workers can get up to the repeater safely


  • Bob K
  • Extra
  • April 5 Tech class offered for 6 weeks. Check the for more information


  • Bob K
  • Starting with committee in May or June


  • Pete
  • Testing tonight at new site


  • Steve K
  • No report

Old Business

AREDN (Amateur Radio Emergency Digital Network)

  • Mesh project, minimum of 3 nodes, $2000 each node
    • Motion by KCODCF to spend $2500.00
    • Seconded by KA0LDG
    • Motion passed
  • Motion by W0JPJ to spend $400 to purchase 4 Ubiquiti networks NB-5G25-US 5ghz nanoBridge M5 25dBi 2x2US
    • Seconded by KC0SHM
      • Discussion about 5ghz being not robust enough to work through foliage etc
      • KC0SHM offered his expertise with 5.8ghz
      • This is an experiment so we need to be aware that we are running a ham radio experiment. First, these will be used by RRRA members to test the usefulness of this net then two of these will end up with the counties, one will be put on the trailer, and one will be a back-up for now
    • Motion passed

Zombie Run

  • In September for charity
  • Ham radio asked to participate

New Business

Fargo Marathon

  • Mark J.
  • Marathon will be organized by and
  • Will get volunteers after planning meeting
  • Participation in the Marathon sign up. Need 25 about people

Good of the Order


  • Motion by N0TSZ
  • Seconded by KA0LDG
  • Motion passed