Morsum Magnificat

All 89 issues of the English-language version of Morsum Magnificat, the Morse Magazine, are now available for free download courtesy of Lynn Burlingame, N7CFO; Mike Feher, N4FS; and Randy Cole, KN6W.

MORSUM MAGNIFICAT was first published as a quarterly magazine in Holland. in 1983. by the late Rinus Hellemons PAOBFN. It has been produced four, then six times a year in Britain since 1986, and up to January 1999 was published and edited by Tony Smith, G4FAI and Geoff Arnold, G3GSR. It aims to provide intemational coverage of all aspects of Morse telegraphy, past present and future. MORSUM MAGNIFICAT is for all Morse enthusiasts, amateur or professional, active or retired. It brings together material which would otherwise be lost to posterity, providing an invaluable source of interest, reference and record relating to the traditions and practice of Morse [ 1 ]

“All copies of Morsum Magnificat or associated publications downloaded from the N7CFO website are for personal use only and may not be downloaded or distributed for any commercial purpose.” [ 2 ]


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