Playing Chess on CW

Are you looking for something different to do using morse code beyond rag chewing or logging DXCC contacts?

Try combining two hobbies by playing chess over CW.

Radio and chess share a colorful history. When the USA and Russia were butting heads immediately after World War II, the two countries viewed chess as a field of struggle between communism and capitalism. With the tension between the countries, there was no way for players from the countries to get together and play. Instead, a radio match between the two was arranged in [ 1 ]

A guest post on KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog, by Gary WA0ZSU, discusses the history of CW Chess, presents some tips on how to play chess and the air and finding games.


[ 1 ] “How to play chess on CW”, KB6NU’s Ham Radio Blog, retrieved July 12 2017,