September 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 19:02 by KK0V
  • Introductions of members; 31 present
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to approve by KC0SHM
  • Seconded by N0WQZ
  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to approve by KA0LDG
  • Seconded by KC0DCF
  • Motion passed

Librarian’s report

  • No report this month

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G/Mark J
  • SET drill will occur on Oct 4 in the afternoon
  • AREDN is still in the works, slowly, but still moving forward


  • Bob G
  • Breakfest KD0IOE at MSU was a great success
  • Preparedness fair at the LDS church was a success with 7 emails and follow-ups have been taken care of


  • Bob K
  • Repeater in Grandin is not in working order. It is not sending the audio back to Fargo


  • Bob K
  • Tech class done—4–5 people will come to test at hamfest
  • We have more that will want to take the test also
  • Sept 27 will start the general class 7-9 pm at the West Fargo Library
  • Meetings will occur every Monday after that
  • Extra class will start in January


  • Bob K.
  • Donations are welcome for concession supplies. Please consider cash
  • Muscle is needed to put up and take down tables and chairs
  • Setup after lunch on September 29th at Deaners Diner. We will start at 12, dutch treat. After we will go to the fairgrounds to work on the set up
  • Tear down will start immediately after
  • If you know of any silent keys since September 2016 please contact
  • Lynn Nelson will work on remote setup. 9–10
  • Ed Hare from AARL will be at the 10–12
  • Ken will be there 12–end
  • If you have any door prizes you wish to donate, please contact W0HNV


  • Pete
  • Bring your ID and your current license to test
  • And $15 cash or check


  • Steve K.
  • The RRRA emblem on the website is now a scalable file for better printing

Old Business

AREDN (Amateur Radio Digital Emergency Digital Network)

  • Information Update
  • We received $500 from Crystal Sugar for the AREDN project

Zombie Preparedness Event

  • Information update
  • Last Sunday the Zombie Run worked well for a first time event
  • Not a real big turnout, about 150 total people
  • No major problem

Rotary Ride

  • K0CRF
  • Very well done
  • Detours gave some a bit of trouble


  • Final preparation

New Business

Christmas Party

  • December 6 at 1730
  • Bring food or a few bucks for the

Crop Walk

  • N0WQZ
  • October 1st, First Congregational Church, Moorhead
  • Show up at 1300
  • Volunteers needed. Contact N0WQZ

Trailer Repairs

  • The trailer had $1000 of repairs done supported by KK0V and XYL. Thank you

Field Day Thank-You

  • A thank you letter will be sent to West Fargo engineer for the use of the field


  • WA0LDG
  • Members will receive a ballot for the new director and vice director
  • Amateur radio parity act sign up will be present at the hamfest

Good of the Order

  • December 2, Jinglebell run for arthritis foundation, We sit in our vehicles and watch runners. We are out for safety and communication. Starts at Courts plus. More information to follow


  • Motion by KA0LDG
  • Seconded by KC0DCF
  • Motion passed
  • Adjourned at 19:55