October 2017 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 19:05 by KK0V
  • Introductions of members: 34 people in attendance
  • Approve order of agenda

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to approve by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by KA0Q
  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to approve by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by KC0DCF
  • Motion passed

Librarian’s report

  • If you borrow an AREDN setup from the club please give KC0GQE your name in order to check it out

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G/Mark J
  • AREDN is getting close to use. We have invested over $10,000 in this system across all donations and investors
  • We are still waiting for the Fargo Dome to give approval to locate the supernode there
  • Mark KK0V is has a great pep talk on how to use this network
  • The supernodes at the Moorhead site 2.4 and the 5 ghz and the Essentia 5ghz site are working now
  • However, there is more to work up. The servers and the rest of the


  • Bob G
  • A quiet week in Lake Wobegon


  • Bob K
  • Grandin repeater needs work yet. The


  • Bob K
  • 5 people are working on the general class


  • Bob K.
  • Ticket sales were down but the table sales were up
  • Because we must purchase soda from the fair, we have some left overs
  • We have videos of the seminars that can be copied an shared
  • W0HNV requested $1600 for next year’s hamfest
    • Motion to approve by W9NT
    • Seconded by N0TSZ
    • Motion passed without objection


  • Pete
  • 8 people took the test at the hamfest


  • Steve K.
  • Thank you to Steve K0STK for his work with the network used at the hamfest and posting door prize winners

Old Business

AREDN (Amateur Radio Digital Emergency Digital Network)

  • Information Update


  • Follow up

Christmas Party

  • At Pizza Ranch on 45th St Fargo
  • Bring non-perishable food items and cash for the Dorothy Day House

New Business

Visit from NDSU Radio Club

  • Taavo from the NDSU Club here to get ideas for the college club. They have 5 members and hold their meetings every other Tuesday

2018 Fargo Marathon

  • May 19th

Jingle Bell Run

  • December 2nd
  • Sign up to help

Field Day 2018

  • Will be held on the Cass County highway department area, near Sandy’s Donuts
  • Fourth full weekend of June (23-24)

Good of the Order

  • KA0Q asked for help with the Boy Scouts Jamboree On The Air the third full weekend in October
  • A former member of our club, , is involved with a club in Croatia that is looking for contacts. The club callsign is 9A1A. Doug is also a Code Machine, so make some contact
  • CQ world-wide and other contests are coming up in November
  • New members and old members should create an Elmer group
  • There is interest in resurrecting the discovery ideas


  • Motion by N0TSZ
  • Seconded by KA0ZLG
  • Motion passed
  • Adjourned at 20:10