2018 NASA On The Air Event

Amateur radio clubs at various NASA centers and facilities will celebrate 60 years of NASA achievements with special event operations from December 2017 through December 2018.

The planned major events, which will involve most of the NASA clubs, are:

  • Apollo 17 45th anniversary: 11–14 December 2017, beginning of event
  • NASA founded 60th anniversary (Space Act signed by President Eisenhower): 29 July 1958
  • ISS First Element Launch 20th anniversary: 20 November (1998)
  • ISS Node 1 Launch 20th anniversary: 4 December (1998)
  • Apollo 8 50th anniversary: launch 21 December (1968), splashdown 27 December, end of event

And there will be other special event operations by the various centers commemorating and celebrating specific events.

Amateur Radio Operators interested in participating in this event are encouraged to visit the NASA On The Air website and the NN4SA 2018 NASA On The Air Event blog post for more information.