Changes Proposed to ARRL Governing Documents

CQ Amateur Radio magazine reports in the CQ Newsroom blog about proposed changes to the ARRL’s governing documents.

The ARRL board of directors will be considering a proposal at its January meeting to make significant changes to the League’s Articles of Association and By-Laws. …

Among the proposed changes, the board of directors will be able to revoke League membership “for cause” and to remove board members by revoking their League membership; 1

A summary of a draft of the proposals is presents in the Changes Proposed to ARRL Governing Documents article. The full text of this proposal and complete text of the current Articles of Association and By-Laws, with proposed deletions and additions may be viewed on-line.

KB6NU discusses these upcoming propsals in his New proposals would make ARRL board even less democratic and What the heck is the ARRL board thinking? But, wait there’s more blog posts.

ARRL Members who have an opinion, one way or another, about these proposed changes are encouraged to contact their Division Director before the January 14, 2018, board meeting.

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