Smith Chart Basics - Impedence and Admittance curves and conversions

An introductory video by W2AEW describing how complex impedance and admittance are represented on the Smith Chart, and how to convert between them. Includes a demonstration using a [VNA]( to illustrate the complex impedance representation on a live smith chart with variable resistive and reactive components.)

The notes used in the video are available.

About W2AEW

[W2AEW] was originally licensed as a novice in the late seventies (KA2IZZ), but then dropped out of the hobby after entering college and then the workforce. Re-entered the hobby as a Tech (and then a Tech Plus) in 1997 (KC2BOG). Vanity call (W2AEW) issued October 1998. Upgraded to Advanced in November 1998, and to Extra in 2000.

[W2AEW is] a Life Member of the ARRL, a Volunteer Examiner, and the Technical Coordinator for the Northern New Jersey section of the Hudson Division of the ARRL. 1

W2AEW produces a series of (primarily tutorial) videos about basic electronics, circuit design & analysis, test & measurement, and ham radio.

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