AEN-MAR Tactical Communications Exercise

Incident and event net traffic falls into two categories: formal message traffic and tactical traffic.

Tactical traffic consists of ad hoc messages about what is happening during an incident or event. And the purpose of a tactical traffic net is to enable all participating stations to pass traffic while it is still relevant.

Efficient tactical traffic nets engage in succinct and unambiguous communication through the disciplined use of a well practiced protocol which eliminates over identification and avoids the introduction of extraneous words.

One such tactical traffic net protocol is illustrated in a Tactical Communications Exercise conducted during an AEN-MAR net. In this recording you will hear net participants practicing their tactical communication protocol as they check-in, submit their reports, and engage in discussion.

Channel bandwidth is a precious commodity on a tactical net. Remember, a tactical net intends to move “right-now” messages while they’re still relevant. Extraneous words—especially when everybody starts adding them out of habit—add up quickly to limit how much message traffic can move across the net. They especially add up during check-ins or when Net Control polls stations for reports. [The AEN-MAR Tactical Communications Exercise net activity focuses] on and exercise[s] how to hit your message and move on. Say more, clearly, with fewer words so others can get their traffic passed, too 1


Arizona Emergency Net-Maricopa (AEN-MAR) is a training and exercise net for the public service communication arts with a “focus on preparation and readiness for public service—be it scheduled events like bike races or drills, or emergencies such as storm damage or terrorist attacks. Someone has to be ready.” 2

AEN-MAR services Maricopa County, Arizona, including Metropolitan Phoenix and surrounding communities.

“The Arizona Emergency Net—Maricopa is a place where real people do real activities to support real objectives whenever their real-world lives permit.” 2

More information about AEN-MAR is available on the Arizona Emergency Net-Maricopa homepage.

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