Portable Mesh Node With VOIP and Wifi

Purchasing an AREDN compatible radio and antenna is only the first step in assembling a useful, deployable, personal node.

Additional parts and equipment to support planned network capabilities—including provisions for portable power—must be purchased and then packaged in a manner which allows for safe and reliable operation.

Trevor Paskett (K7FPV), a member of the AREDN project, has designed a a portable mesh node to support his local mesh network’s mission while meeting served agency policy restrictions which prohibit permanent installation of equipment in their buildings.

K7FPV’s portable node, documented in an article in the Trevor’s Bench Blog, features:

  • WiFi access to the mesh network
  • Telephone service through a VOIP Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) connected to the mesh network Asterisk server
  • Power for 5 days from a 122 amp hour deep cycle battery
  • Battery charger/PSU for operation when commercial power is available


A complete bill of materials and step-by-step assembly instructions, along with helpful photographs, may be found in the Portable Mesh Node With VOIP And WiFi article.