Dakota Division Director Requests Feedback About Board Meeting Motions

In Board Meeting Motions To Consider ARRL Dakota Division Director Matt Holden (K0BBC) writes:

On January first, I began serving as your Dakota Division Director. I want to thank Kent Olson KA0LDG for the serving as our Division Director, Vice Director and North Dakota Section Manager. He has been a great role model for me as I learned the ropes as your 2016-2017 Vice Director. The past eleven days have gone by quickly as 2018 Vice Director Lynn Nelson and me prepare for next week’s ARRL Board of Directors meeting in Connecticut. I have completed my review of the motions being proposed to date, which have been posted to the Division web site so you can form your own opinions. 1

Director Holden goes on to discuss his positions concerning the various motions and requests member feedback.

ARRL Dakota Divison members are encouraged review the following documents and contact Director Holden (K0BBC) before the January 19th board meeting about the various motions which will be presented.

  1. “Board Meeting Motions To Consider”, The ARRL Dakota Division, Retrieved January 14 2018, https://www.arrldakota.org/dakota-division-news/board-meeting-motions-to-consider↩︎