March 2018 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 19:10
  • Introductions of members
  • Approve order of agenda

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document may be found in the “Committee Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware Server.

Items marked with 🆕 have been added, or corrected, pending acceptance by the Secretary

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to accept by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by N0TSZ
  • Motion passed

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept as written by KC0DCF
  • Seconded by KC0HIG
  • Motion passed

Librarian’s report

  • Nothing new

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Don G/Mark J
  • CERT Training is starting again on April 3, 8-10 weekly. Check the website for information. Or check Cass Clay Cert on line for more information
  • There will be a surge training program in April for the hospitals in the area.The date was not available as of yet
  • Airport emergency training
  • FM ambulance has issued our ID cards. The security of our cards were not called into question, but we should look into vetting our team members
  • Sanford Skywarn evening of April 3, 6-9 at the Fargo public safety building


  • Seth
  • Seth is now the member with the info


  • Bob K
  • Status Quo holding for weather


  • Bob K
  • 🆕 Starting on March 28. 7pm at the West Fargo public access. Need to pre-register. Information on the class is [at]
  • We have information out in public access sites across the area. The Forum will not be providing free space for our public service announcements. Talk to W9NT about your opinion of this issue
  • Interference 3840 and 3860 kh on AM 75 meter
    • There is a broadcast happening somewhere in the area that is rebroadcasting three of the AM channels
    • Bob would like to get more information on this interference. He wants information so he can triangulate the source


  • Bob K.
  • 🆕 No report


  • Pete
  • Testing tonight after the meeting


  • Steve K.
  • 🆕 No report

Old Business

AREDN (Amateur Radio Digital Emergency Digital Network)

  • Information Update
  • We have 2 sets of equipment ready to be put on the Fargo Dome and on the tower in West Fargo. We will then have 4 nodes in the area
  • Don is in the process of filling out more grants from area sources

MS Walk

  • MS Walk is on April 28, 2018. Based out of the Veteran’s Arena
  • We need a person to take charge of this event
    • Please consider taking on this role
    • You would be the liaison between the hams and the walk co-ordinator.

New Business

New Repeater Trustee

  • Joe, the current trustee for W0ILO and KC0KAE, is possibly moving out of the area
  • We need a new trustee
  • Consider taking on this role

Fargo Police Picnic

  • June 26, 2018 at Island Park
  • We will have a presence from 5-8 at the picnic
  • 1-430 setup

Field Day

  • The plan is to return to the Cass county highway department on June 23-24, 2018
  • Barnesville and Sabin plan to have a presence also

Beacon Callsign Change

  • 10 meter beacon 28.2865 mh
  • The group that handles the maintenance on the beacon will be changing the call sign to WB0BIN

NDSU Radio Club

  • Present at meeting
  • 🆕 The club has about 5 [members]
  • They do Foxhunts once a semester
  • Satellite hunting
  • They meet on Tuesdays
  • They run a D-Star and Fusion
  • 7pm every other Tuesday they have a net. Check in next week. 147.09

Grand Forms Hamfest


  • Motion by KC0HIG
  • Seconded by KC0DCF
  • Motion passed
  • Adjourned at 20:00