Do You Have an Opinion About the Proposed ARES Strategic Plan?

The ARRL Public Service Enhancement Working Group (PSEWG) has requested comments and suggestions from all Section Managers (SMs) and Section Emergency Coordinators (SECs) regarding the proposed ARES Strategic Plan by October 31, 2018.

Created in 1935, ARES has undergone very few changes over the years, while the agencies ARES serves have undergone many. The PSEWG evaluated the ARES program for 2 years and drafted several proposed enhancements aimed at updating the program.

The ARES Strategic Plan introduces changes and a platform for future growth. For many, this will represent a major paradigm shift; for others, it will formalize many of the requirements they have employed routinely for several years. 1

ARRL Members who have reviewed the proposed ARES Strategic Plan and have substantive comments or suggestions are encouraged to contact their local Emergency Coordinators (ECs).

  1. “ARRL Board of Directors’ Committee Seeks Input for Proposed ARES Strategic Plan”, ARRL The national association for Amateur Radio, retrieved August 17 2018,↩︎