The Golden Age of Amateur Radio is Now

In episode 179 of the Foundations of Amateur Radio podcast, Onno VK6FLAB, makes the case that we are living in the Golden Age of Amateur Radio.

Imagine a world where electronics are pervasive, a transceiver can be purchased for the price of two Big Macs, kits are designed and built using simple tools at home, software makes it possible to invent new methods of communication on an almost daily basis, where long distance contacts are made throughout the day using milliwatts while ionospheric propagation is at an all-time low, where national parks and peaks are being activated at an increasing rate, where new people join in every day, where it’s easier and easier to obtain a license and where the word geek is held as a badge of honour.

That world is here, it’s now … 1

About the Foundations of Amateur Radio Podcast

Foundations of Amateur Radio is a weekly podcast by Australian Amateur Radio Operator Onno Benschop VK6FLAB addressing “the building blocks of Amateur Radio, one concept at a time.” 2

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