QRM.guru Can Help With Interference

Do you need help resolving Amateur Radio intereference issues? QRM.guru is here to help!

QRM.guru, sponsored by The Amateur Radio Society of Australia Inc., is an educational and reference resource developed to assist Amateur Radio operators mitigate RF noise issues. Although developed for VK hams, this resource contains information useful worldwide.

QRM.guru is a responsive (i.e. “mobile friendly”) and comprehensive resource intended to help hams with:

  • Better understanding of RF noise sources that impact on their enjoyment of the hobby
  • A series of tools, techniques and guides to assist in locating and reducing or eliminating noise sources
  • Guidance on how to select consumer devices that comply with regulations and do not emit unwanted RF noise
  • Encouraging collaboration between hams and clubs in reducing noise and promoting the hobby
  • Developing and utilising our technical skills to resolve issues that impact on our enjoyment of the hobby, even when the interference is not of our responsibility

Much of the content has been derived from various sources, including the public domain, published works and project work by the developers of this resource. All references to published works are acknowledged. 1

  1. “Start here”, QRM.guru Resolving interference for Amateur Radio, retrieved March 15 2019, https://qrm.guru/sample-page-2/↩︎