February 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Seth KD0ODE at 19:07
  • Introductions of members

Election Results

PresidentSeth Swanson, KC0ODE
Vice PresidentJarod Jacobsen, W0JPJ
SecretaryAlex Manz, K0JKL
TreasurerLori Kruft, KC0GQE
Member at largeAnton O’Neill, KC0PFS

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2019-02 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware Server.

Items marked with 🆕 have been added, corrected, or significantly revised, pending acceptance by the Secretary

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to accept as written by Anton KC0PFS
  • Seconded by Del N0IPC
  • Motion carried

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept as written after a spelling correction by Jim N0TSZ
  • Seconded by Del N0IPC
  • Motion carried

Librarian’s report

  • No updates

Regular Agenda

Committee Reports


  • Mark KK0V
  • KK0V will be taking over as Cass EC as Don KC0DCF is struggling with health issues
  • Brad KE0LDS will be assistant EC
  • Discussion regarding whether or not backup power is currently available for repeaters; the technical committee will investigate and report back
  • Skywarn coming up April 2nd at 6pm at the Fargo Public Safety Building



  • Bob W0HNV
  • Committee is surveying prospective repeater sites


  • Bob W0HNV
  • The Extra license class is in week 8, all students expected to test in March


  • Pete WC0G
  • March 19th is next testing session
  • 🆕 Reminded VEs that they need to notify the ARRL before participating in a test session if they have been inactive for more than 5 years


  • Mike NY0MN and Anton KC0PFS
  • NY0MN and KC0PFS will co-chair the Hamfest Committee
  • Meetings to come


  • Steve K0STK
  • K0STK requested that the club create a Paypal account tied to the club’s bank account for on-going hosting payments
    • Motion to give permission for K0STK to create a Paypal account by Kirk W0HNV
    • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS
    • Motion carried
  • 🆕 If you have any questions please see K0STK after the meeting or contact webmaster@rrra.org

Old Business

Repeater Trustee Update

  • KC0ODE still working on new trustee paperwork

New Business


  • Mark KC0SHM has not heard anything from the Marathon committee yet

Club Participation in Giving Hearts Day

  • Discussed by Gurnee W9NT

Request for club IRS determination letter

  • Steve K0STK requested a copy of the IRS letter granting non-profit status so we could take advantage of free web services for non-profits
  • Lori KC0GQE will assist

Skype presentation by K9EID

  • Brian K0EED met Bob Heil, K9EID, who offered to do a Skype presentation for the club, it was discussed that this could possibly be a Hamfest presentation

Request for additional New Business

  • By Seth KC0ODE

General Discussion


  • Motion by Jim N0TSZ
  • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS
  • Motion carried
  • Meeting adjourned at 20:00