ISS SSTV Reception Hints

Hams interested in receiving SSTV from the International Space Station (ISS) users may find the Spacecomms ISS SSTV Reception Hints and AMSAT-UK How to hear the ISS pages to be useful resources for getting started.

According to AMSAT-UK it doesn’t take an elaborate rig to listen to the ISS:

Almost any 144 MHz FM rig will receive the ISS, you can even use a general coverage VHF scanner with an external antenna. As far as the antenna is concerned the simpler the better. A 1/4 wave ground plane has a high angle of radiation and works well.1

ISS SSTV Reception Hints includes sections discussing:

  • Recommended decoding software
  • Tracking the ISS
  • What to expect during a pass
  • Hints

How to hear the ISS includes sections discussing:

  • History
  • What equipment do you need to hear the ISS ?
  • Listening Online
  • What will you hear ?
  • When to listen
  • Doppler Shift

  1. “How to hear the ISS”, AMSAT-UK Radio Amateur Satellites, retrieved April 11 2019,↩︎