Updated RRRAES Frequency List Published

The updated RRRAES Frequency list discussed by KD0IOE at the May 2019 ARES meeting has been published on-line. This list is available as an Excel spreadsheet, PDF and CSV files.

The files are stored in the ARES | Documents and Manuals folder on the RRRA Groupware Server. This folder may be accessed without logging in through a public link (which is listed as RRRA ARES Documents and Manuals on the RRRA Files and Links page.)

Club members who need assistance with their Groupware Server account should contact the Webmaster Team .

Important Information For CSV File Users

The CSV version of the RRRAES Frequency list is intended to be used with “CHIRP” (a free open-source tool for programing your amateur radio). Please visit the CHIRP homepage or check your OS repositories, or store, to obtain this software.

A CHIRP Programming Webinar was presented October 20, 2016, by ARRL. Please visit our “Did you miss the ARRL CHIRP Programming Webinar?” blog post—published November 9, 2016—to watch this webinar.

The safest way to use the CSV file in conjunction with CHIRP is to:

  1. Download your radio’s memory to the application
  2. Save a backup copy of your radio’s memory list
  3. Merge in the RRRAES frequency list to your personal memory list. It may be prudent to move your personal frequencies out of the way of the RRRAES frequencies to preserve our standard channel numbering
  4. Save a backup copy of the new memory list
  5. Upload the new memory list to your radio

Please contact with questions about the RRRAES Frequency list or for assistance with CHIRP