May 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order by Seth KD0ODE at 19:05
  • Introduction of members, 40 present

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2019-05 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware Server.

Items marked with 🆕 have been added, corrected, or significantly revised, pending acceptance by the Secretary

Secretary’s report

  • Motion to accept as recorded by Jody KC0HIG
  • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS
  • Motion carried

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept after a correction by Jody KC0HIG
  • Seconded by Del N0IPC
  • Motion carried

Librarian’s report

  • No updates

Regular Agenda

Standing Committee Reports


  • Mark KK0V and Andy KD0IOE
  • [Discussed] lessons learned from the Fargo Marathon operations
  • Mark confirmed that the new 2.4GHz AREDN dishes are up at the Fargodome and Esssentia
  • Mark also reminded everyone that field day will be held at the Cass County Hwy Department in West Fargo. The Salvation Army will be serving dinner during field day on Saturday evening and will also be providing snacks
  • Mark talked to the Cass County IT department and pictures for those who have not yet received a Club ID Badge will be [taken] in July or August


  • Seth KC0ODE
  • Skywarn training in Sabin had a good turnout
  • Nothing else to report
  • A lifetime achievement award was presented to Don Galitz KC0DCF


  • Bob W0HNV
  • Committee is surveying prospective repeater sites
  • The Grandin repeater is still intermittent; Bob will be replacing the Grandin radio in a few weeks


  • Bob W0HNV
  • 6 students from the recent [technician] class were present to test at the meeting


  • Pete WC0G
  • Testing session [will] be held after the meeting


  • Mike NY0MN and Anton KC0PFS
  • Mike reported that the Hamfest building rental deposit had been paid to the fairgrounds and that he was looking for any possible seminar ideas


  • Steve K0STK
  • No report
  • 🆕 See K0STK after the meeting or contact if you have any questions or need help

Old Business

June Meeting [Cancellation]

  • Seth KC0ODE reminded the club that there will be no June meeting

Candy [for Outreach Events]

  • Motion by Jim N0TSZ allocate $50 for candy to pass out at the Police Picnic and the WF Night to Unite
  • Seconded by Bob W0HNV seconded
  • Motion carried

Marathon [Feedback]

  • Andy KD0IOE is seeking any feedback on the marathon operations, email him with any feedback

Museum Ships on the Air

  • Kent KA0LDG reported that [RRRA will not operate a station] due to lack of interest

New Business

Crop Walk

  • The date for the crop walk is October 6th, [Dave] N0WQZ hasn’t heard anything from the event organizers at this time

Equipment Asset Labels

  • Jim [N0TSZ] requested that the club [begin] marking assets with asset labels
  • Motion by Mark KC0SHM to allocate $375 for new equipment asset labels which will then be tracked on our inventory sheets
  • Seconded by Mike NY0MN
  • Motion carried

AREDN Node Expenses [Reimbursement]

  • Motion by Jim N0TSZ to allocate $123.05 for the reimbursement of miscellaneous expenses incurred during the Fargodome/Essentia antenna installation process
  • Seconded by Anton KC0PFS seconded
  • Motion carried

General Discussion

  • [Bob KA0Q reported that] Breakfast on the Farm will be held on June 1st from 7am-12pm and will be at a farm 4 miles south of Hawley


  • Motion by Jim N0TSZ
  • Seconded by Del N0IPC
  • Motion carried
  • Meeting adjourned at 20:03