W9NT (SK) Auction Items

Items which will be sold during the W9NT (SK) Silent Auction. The proceeds from this auction will benefit RRRA.

  • All purchases subject to our terms and conditions
  • Listed items subject to change without notice and include only specifically listed accessories
  • Listed items may differ from items depicted in reference links provided on this page
1Astron RS-1212 amp Linear Power Supply
2Astron RS-35M35 amp Linear Power Supply
3Cushcraft R980M—6M Vertical Antenna
4Cyber Acoustics HE200Stereo Headphones
6ElecraftPacket containing W9NT’s original invoice and several interface cables
7Elecraft KAT 500500 watt Autotuner
8Elecraft KXPA 100100 watt Amplifier w/ power cable
9Elecraft KPA 500500 watt Amplifier
10Elecraft KX3Transceiver w/ MH3 Microphone, power cable
11Elecraft PX3Panadapter w/ power cable
12Heil GM5Microphone w/ CC-1-I (Icom) and CC-1-K (Kenwood) cables
15ICOM IC-7300Transceiver w/ HM-219 Hand Microphone, power cable
16Inrad WC1Competition Headset (over the ear)
17Kenwood AT-50100W Automatic Antenna Tuner
18Kenwood HS-5Mono Communications Headphones
19Kenwood PS-3020 amp Linear Power Supply
20Kenwood TM-G707FM Dual Band (U/V) Mobile Transceiver
21Kenwood TS-50HF Transceiver
22MFJ-105D24 Hour Analog Quartz Wall Clock
23MFJ-107BLCD 24 Hour Desktop Clock
24Sharp SPC500LCD Alarm Clock
25Yaesu VX-6RTri Band FM HT w/ SAD-18B charger
26Clamp on desk mic stand
27Goose neck desk mic stand