August 2019 Business Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting called to order at 19:07
  • Introductions

These minutes have been converted to a mobile friendly format; some light editing for clarity and consistency was performed. The Secretary’s original minutes document (2019-08 Minutes.docx) may be found in the “Committee Reports | Secretary Reports” folder on the RRRA Groupware Server.

Items marked with 🆕 have been added or significantly revised/corrected—square brackets indicate minor revisions/corrections—pending acceptance by the Secretary.

Secretary’s report

  • 🆕 Alex K0JKL absent, Mark KC0SHM acting
  • Motion to approve as written proposed by Seth KC0ODE
  • Motion by [Anton] KC0PFS
  • Seconded by [Jake] K0RQ
  • Motion approved

Treasurer’s report

  • Motion to accept as written by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Seconded by [Mark] KK0V
  • Motion approved


  • [Mark] KK0V
  • ID Badges still a WIP
  • FM Ambulance to host a server for ARDEN
  • Additional discussion on ARDEN—Black Building ready—club will be placing a 5.8ghz placeholder due to issues with availability of 3.5ghz equipment
  • [West] Fargo also agrees to host a server for ARDEN as long as it does not connect to the internet


  • [Seth] KC0ODE
  • Quiet month


  • [Bob] W0HNV
  • Still hasn’t made it to Grandin repeater site, but would like to get there before winter. Otherwise, no change from previous issues
  • Last remenants of unsold goods from W9NT’s auction to be taken to the hamfest, some items may be discarded, some sold


  • [Mike NY0MN]
  • Volunteers still needed for the hamfest
  • Door prizes are coming in and there will be some good ones
  • Several seminars organized
  • A sign up sheet was passed around the room
  • [License] testing—no walkins after [Noon]

Old Business

🆕 KE0SBW Picnic August 24

  • Mike NY0MN mentioned Tony KE0SBW’s picnic August 24th at farm near Wyndmere. Address on QRZ…look on website

New Business

🆕 Spectrum Defense Fund Contribution

  • Kent KA0LDG discussed the ARRL Spectrum Defense Fund and proposed allocation of club funds for a contribution
  • Motion to contribute $100 by KA0LDG
  • Seconded by Tim K0CRF
  • Additional discussion by Bob W0HNV and other to increase to $500
  • Motion and ammendment passes

Ojibway Ralley

  • [Bob] KA0Q
  • Volunteers needed
  • Meeting August 21, 2019, at Muscatell Subaru in Moorhead
  • Race starts at the Detroit Lakes Fairgrounds

First Aid Kit

  • 🆕 Motion by Del N0TSQ for $170 to purchase supplies needed for a good first aid kit for the trailer
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • It was decided that using dedicated funds for the trailer was appropriate for this purchase


  • 🆕 Motion by Mark KK0V for up to $1000 for gear towards the ADEN network
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Approved from dedicated funds

ARRL Pamphlets

  • [Tim] K0CRF notes he has extra ARRL flyers if needed by anyone

LDS Tech Class

  • Brad KE0LDS discussed tech class being held at the LDS church
  • It was noted that this was not a competition, but instead simply a scheduling conflict. All are welcome
  • Tentative class start is 9/24. It will be a limited size and is intended to span a timeframe of 6-7 weeks - also less formal

🆕 Comments

  • Kevin made an additional note regarding the need for volunteers to work the tables at the hamfest
  • Bob W0HNV commented he is OK with the LDS church class. Also commented that there was an AED demo after the meeting

Christmas Party

  • [Lori KC0GQE]
  • 🆕 The room is booked for 5:50pm on December 4th at Pizza Ranch Fargo. Bring food donation

Jingle Bell Run

  • [Lori KC0GQE]
  • December 7th … more to come


  • Motion by [Jim] N0TSZ
  • Seconded by [Kent] KA0LDG
  • Motion carried