Build The Wouff Hang

An important part of hanging an antenna from a tree is a bearing, or pulley, to eliminate guy line friction and facilitate antenna repairs and adjustments.

The Wouff Hang—whimsically named after the infamous Wouff Hong from Amateur Radio history—is an easy to build bearing made from common PVC water pipe or electrical conduit found at any hardware or home supply store.

Author Roy Lewallen, W7EL, describes construction and use of The Wouff Hang in a well illustrated article which is (a free preview from the October 2019 issue of QST Magazine).

About the author

Roy Lewallen, W7EL, is the creator of the popular antenna-modeling software, EZNEC , and the author of many articles on ham radio-related projects. He was inducted into the Royal Order of the Wouff Hong at the ARRL National Convention in Seattle in 1980. While Roy has been hanging antennas since before getting his Novice license in 1957, this [article] is his first attempt at merging what he learned from those experiences.1

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